What is Denture? What are its types?

Denture is a method applied to replace teeth lost due to damage or discomfort in teeth or gingiva due to various reasons. Dentures give you back what you lost. Applied dentures not only contribute to the health of the dental tissues, but also enable the teeth to gain an aesthetic appearance and fulfill their functions completely. Today, dentures that can be applied to individuals of all ages, men and women, aim to regain the lost chewing function and regain the lost facial aesthetics.

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If you have lost one or more of your teeth, you know how much this affects your oral health, aesthetics and speech.

In dentistry, dentures are appliances made to help maintain the health of existing tissues while restoring the chewing functions, contribution to speech and aesthetics of lost teeth and tissues.

What are the types of Dentures?

  • Complete and partial removable dentures
  • Porcelain fixed dentures with metal support or metal-free structure
  • Immediate dentures fitted after tooth extraction
  • Dentures made on natural tooth roots (Overdenture)
  • Dentures made for the purpose of eliminating soft and hard tissue losses on the jaw and face (maxillofacial)
  • Dentures applied to people who have the habit of clenching or grinding their teeth
  • Aesthetics (Cosmetic) Dentistry applications.




What are Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures have the feature that allows the patient to put on and take off their own dentures. This type of dentures continues to function by taking support from the soft tissues in the mouth as well as the teeth that have remained intact in the mouth. Removable dentures are a type of denture that can be made in line with the needs of the patient and as much as the number of missing teeth, as well as in cases where all teeth are missing.

Some patients have dentures made by taking support from their natural teeth and soft tissues. This type of denture is called “removable partial denture”. In some patients, all natural teeth are lost, and a “full denture” is applied to such patients, which maintains its function with support only from the gingiva and palate.

  • Palate denture
  • Implant supported full denture
  • Tooth supported full denture
  • Partial denture
  • Acetal application
  • Precision dentures are types of removable dentures.

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How to maintain the Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures should be cleaned with a soft brush after every meal, and the denture should be kept close to the sink in order to avoid any damage during washing. Keeping such dentures clean, which does not require cleaning with any toothpaste, allows them to be used in a healthy way for many years. These types of dentures, which should be kept in a special container in water when not in use, cause discomfort by emitting bad odors over time if their maintenance is neglected.

What are Fixed Dentures?

While fixed dentures, which are the most preferred type of denture for missing teeth, are made, some teeth in the mouth should be reduced in order to support the denture. This procedure is viewed with concern by some patients. However, considering the many advantages of fixed dentures, it will be understood that this concern is unfounded. Thanks to fixed dentures,

  • The chewing function becomes easier,
  • Speech defects are corrected,
  • And significant gains are achieved in facial aesthetics since the denture supports the lips and cheeks.

Fixed dentures, like other types of denture, are offered in different types according to the patient’s needs, aesthetic expectations and economic conditions. Among the fixed denture types,

  • Crowning
  • Bridge
  • Porcelain denture with metal base
  • Full metal
  • Porcelain dentures with zirconium base
  • Reinforced porcelain (Empress)

How to maintain the Fixed Dentures?

As with removable dentures, continuous and regular maintenance is required to prolong the life of the denture. If a dental crown and dental bridge has been applied to a patient with one or more missing teeth, careful use, maintenance and cleaning are mandatory in order to prolong the life of the denture and the teeth under it. No matter what material the dentures used in the mouth are made of, it is a foreign substance after all. For this reason, oral care should be considered in order to protect oral and dental health and to protect the teeth close to the crown and bridge. Fixed denture maintenance should be done by brushing 3 times a day, cleaning the gaps with the help of dental floss slowly and correctly from the gingiva to the teeth.

Can Dentures be Made Immediately?

The dentist decides on the placement of the denture. After the first meeting with the patient and the necessary examinations, the most appropriate treatment plan is prepared for the patient. Denture treatment begins after the removal of other problems in the teeth. After gingival treatment, surgical procedures, fillings to the teeth or root canal treatments are completed, the necessary preparations are completed and denture treatment begins. At this stage, the experience of the doctor is very important. For this reason, it is necessary to provide a good planning for denture treatment. If the denture is applied without appropriate preparations, the success rate of this denture is very low. In order for the denture treatment to be successful, the teeth should be strong, free of caries and good oral hygiene should be present.

What Material Are Dentures Made Of?

As age progresses, various changes occur in the mouth. The name of the dental treatments applied to eliminate the aesthetic disorders that occur as a result of this is expressed as dentures. Dentures replace missing teeth, eliminating speech and chewing functions and aesthetically replace the natural teeth.

The biggest factor that causes tooth loss is the lack of treatment of gingival diseases. Other than that, accidents can also lead to tooth loss. Tooth loss can lead to weakening of the jawbone, and leading to many problems. In this case, the treatment method used is dentures. Today, new materials are used to prepare dentures based on the molds and measurements given by the dentist. With the implant method and technology, even patients who do not have a single tooth to be fitted with a denture in their mouth can now have teeth that can fulfill their dental function and aesthetic appearance. With this new technology, special alloy metals are nailed to the jawbone and the place where the dentures will sit is prepared. After this stage, the metal parts are covered with artificial teeth and the denture is applied on the artificial teeth.


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