Restoratif Diş Tedavisi Nedir?

Ankara Restorative dental treatment is the repair and treatment of hard tissue loss in the tooth due to caries or non-caries reasons. It is a specialty that aims to restore the lost anatomy, function and aesthetics of the patient’s teeth.


Who can opt for restorative dental treatment?

Many people want their smile to be pleasant and expressive. For this reason, people with aesthetic sensitivity should have Restorative Dental Treatment. People of all ages, professions and genders can easily prefer it. Restorative dental treatment can also be applied to children and the elderly. The products used during restoration are biocompatible materials that provide an aesthetic appearance and never harm the tooth. The biocompatibility of the materials used allows restorative dental treatment to be applied easily even in the elderly (65 years and older) and oncology patients.

What are the Restorative Dental Treatment Methods?

There are many different methods used in the treatment process. We can list these methods as follows.

  • Composite methods applied directly or indirectly
  • Porcelain veneers or porcelain aesthetic applications
  • Various smile designs
  • You can restore your teeth to their natural color by teeth whitening treatments.
  • Various treatments related to dentin
  • Pulp and vital pulp treatments
  • Pre-prosthetic restoration methods

In addition to the methods mentioned above, conservative dental treatments applied to the elderly and oncology patients and preventive treatment methods for adult individuals are also used.

What is a restorative dental filling?

Restorative dental fillings are aesthetic fillings that provide an aesthetic appearance to the tooth applied with the white color of the tooth. It has a very long life. The fact that the amalgam filling is in gray-black color and creates a caries appearance has made the restorative dental filling, also called aesthetic filling, the preferred method. Restorative dental fillings are much healthier than amalgam fillings.

Another type of filling is the porcelain filling. While composite fillings are preferred for anterior areas, porcelain fillings are preferred for posterior teeth as they are resistant to a hard structure like tooth enamel and bite force. Aesthetic anterior fillings, i.e. bondings, are frequently used in the processes of extending tooth length or closing unwanted tooth gaps.

What are inlay and onlay filling?

Inlay and onlay fillings are a solution between filling and crown (veneer). It is an aesthetic treatment method applied to teeth that do not have enough dental tissue to be filled or that have not been damaged enough to be covered. These are aesthetic and durable fillings that are measured in the area where the filling will be made after the examination performed by a specialist dentist, prepared in the laboratory and placed in the space above the tooth in the next session.

What are Composite Fillings?

It is a mixture with different organic and inorganic fillers. Because it is tooth-colored, it is popularly defined as a white filling. Composite fillings can be applied successfully in anterior and posterior teeth because they are resistant to chewing pressures, resistant to abrasion and close to tooth color. The biggest advantages of these fillings are that they are aesthetical, and since these fillings are well bonded to the teeth, they support the dental tissues, prevent breakage and heat transfer. Composites can be used not only to restore caries, but also for cosmetic effects by changing the color and shape of teeth. The most important disadvantage is that there may be post-procedure sensitivities. The colors of the fillings may change slightly over time with coloring foods such as coffee and tea.

Is restorative dental treatment usually preferred for an aesthetic smile?

Ankara Restorative dental treatment applications are the treatment methods applied to restore both the aesthetic and lost function of the tooth. Although it is generally thought of as a white filling applied to decayed teeth, restorative dental treatment is to correct and restore deformities in the tooth structure caused by various reasons. For this reason, it applies the preventive dentistry rules that will take measures to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth, and most importantly, prevent the reoccurrence of the elements that cause the problem.


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