What is Dental Aesthetic? Aesthetic Dentistry Ankara

Aesthetic dental treatment improves the shape, color, alignment, size, general health and function of your smile; It is a branch of dentistry that beautifies not only the teeth, but also your gingiva and bite of the teeth. It is used to improve your mouth shape and smile quality. It can therefore extend to improving the function of the teeth in terms of bite shape and strength.  Aesthetic dentistry deals with both the improvement of the appearance of the teeth and their functionality.

Estetik Diş tedavisi Ankara

Estetik Diş tedavisi Ankara

People use many methods to make their teeth beautiful, white and straight. The aesthetic dentist applies the medically appropriate ones of these methods. It is very important that these methods are carried out in sterile environments, in accordance with health requirements. Aesthetic dentists design teeth proportional to the facial structure by examining the features on the tooth, gingiva and jaw structure.

Ankara Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic

As Dentia Dental Clinic Ankara, we pay attention to the size, shape, color, position and alignment of teeth and gingiva in aesthetic dental treatment. Afterwards, we use various periodontal, conservative and denture procedures to correct crooked, misshapen teeth and to turn dark and discolored teeth into their natural white color. When necessary, the specialist dentists of our clinic apply their treatments according to their fields of expertise.

Which Methods Are Used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

  • Aesthetic Bonding: With this method, small fractures and cracks are repaired; Minor crowing can be corrected.
  • Porcelain Crowns & Bridges: Used for the treatment of large amounts of tooth structure loss and/or tooth loss.
  • Dental Implants: Used to permanently fill the tooth caries without damaging the existing teeth. There is no support from the adjacent teeth, the root structure is created with artificial implants in the cavity like a natural tooth, or the process is finished with only the number of teeth in the cavity, either by bonding or screwing.
  • Inlays & Onlays: After cleaning the caries tissue in large-volume decayed teeth, the cavities are filled with Inlays/Onlays made on the models with either porcelain or aesthetic fillings.
  • Invisalign Transparent Plaques: It is a tooth alignment process without compromising aesthetics and without affecting daily life. Especially in cases where the natural teeth are undamaged and smooth, the desired aesthetic result is achieved by straightening the teeth only with transparent plaques.
  • Treatment: With the help of braces, the teeth are brought into the correct position by moving the teeth. With this method, the desired aesthetic result on the teeth is obtained without the need for an extra procedure.
  • Porcelain Veneers (Porcelain Laminates): This method helps us to achieve aesthetic results without damaging the teeth in cases where there are larger fractures and cracks or when tooth reshaping is required.
  • Dentures: This is among the techniques used as an alternative in cases where we do not have the chance to make an implant or when there is not enough number of teeth to make a bridge.
  • Bleaching: It is used to make the teeth whiter and to clean the stains that do not come off.


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