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Implant treatment Ankara is the process of placing artificial tooth roots in the jawbone to replace the teeth lost for various reasons. Implant is the creation of a new and healthy root with the help of titanium materials instead of the missing tooth root. Although the implant process is perceived as a porcelain or zirconium tooth placed on the root, the procedure is a tooth root prepared for the use of a healthy tooth. Implant dental treatment, which is used to complete lost teeth, is applied to the upper or inner part of the jawbone. Briefly, a denture made of titanium material, which is attached to other teeth and the jaw, is called an implant.

In implant treatment, an artificial tooth root is obtained by placing in the jawbone the materials compatible with the body type. Bridge, veneer or palatal dentures, implant tooth used in such needs are not different from normal teeth in terms of appearance.

Is implant procedure painful?

Since the implant operation is performed under local anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain during the operation.  After the operation, mild pain that may occur is prevented with painkillers that will be started immediately after the operation. In people with a relaxed and calm disposition, the operation process is much more comfortable, however, fear and uneasiness cause more distress to the person than the implant operation. People who have implants say that they experienced an easier process than they expected.

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Can the implant be rejected by the body?

Implants can be produced from alloys such as titanium and zirconium, as well as from zirconia ceramic materials. The common features of these materials are that they are not perceived as foreign substances by the body. Therefore, the body does not produce antigens against these materials. In other words, it is not possible for the implant to be rejected by the body.

Is there pain during and after the implant treatment?

Local anesthesia is used during the application of the implants and the patient does not feel any pain. After the operation, if adequate care is taken and medications are used regularly, a very comfortable recovery process is experienced. Many patients state that the pain experienced after the implant operation is less than the pain experienced after tooth extraction.

How long does the implant treatment take?

After the placement, which is a painless operation, there is a slight pain sensation after the anesthesia passes. After the first surgical procedure, depending on the mouth structure of the patient, there is a waiting period of 2 to 4 months. Temporary teeth are applied to the area if deemed necessary within the time allowed for the implant application to fuse with the jawbone in a healthy way. During the waiting period, it is necessary to pay attention to oral and dental health, care and cleaning.

At the end of this period, the second stage is started. The time required for the upper construction phase is approximately two weeks. During this process, teeth are attached to the root-forming implant, and during the waiting period, 3-dimensional planning is made and the placement work in the mouth is completed.

What should I pay attention to during the recovery period after the implant is made?

After implant surgery, it is important to apply cold to the treated area at regular intervals in line with your doctor’s recommendation. This application will prevent edema and swelling. Regular use of the medicines given to you by your doctor accelerates the recovery. During this period, your oral care should be very good. Because poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of implant failures. You should also visit your dentist at regular intervals during the recovery period.

What is the suitable age for Implant Treatment?

Dental implants are applied to anyone who wants to have a new tooth with a permanent solution instead of missing teeth. However, since bone development has not yet been completed, it is not suitable for young patients (generally under 18 years of age).

How long is the useful life of the implant?

People who have implants made expect these artificial roots to remain in the mouth for a lifetime. Although this idea is partially correct, it should be known that the life of a dental implant will actually be as long as a healthy tooth. In other words, we may have lost teeth due to tooth caries or gingival disease, as well as gingival disease around the implant. Just as we can keep our teeth healthy by doing daily care to protect our teeth, attention should also be paid to dental implants and we should take good care of our implants under the control of a dentist, especially through oral hygiene. Well-made implants are used for a lifetime when these considerations are taken into account.

Can I have an implant made later?

When the tooth is lost, the bone in the area will gradually dissolve over time. However, since the area will become active again with implant construction, dissolving is largely prevented. For this reason, the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth tend to lie towards the cavity, while the teeth opposite the cavity elongate towards the cavity. Therefore, the sooner the implant can be placed in place of the lost tooth, the better.

Are implants applied in any case?

For implant treatment, it is essential that the patient profile is suitable. Because, physical discomfort and disabilities may pose a risk in some situations. Treatment may not be possible in cases such as some heart diseases, blood coagulation problems, rheumatic disorders, diabetes, irregular progress of diabetes, inconvenience of the jaw bone structure, and the patient’s unsuitability for surgical procedure. Therefore, specialist dentists first make a preliminary examination and decide on the case. As a result, if there is no problem, the procedure is applied. Please contact us for Ankara Dentia Implant treatment.


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